Lonsdale Directors

Richard Porter, Director, Simon Hawker, Managing Director
and Steve Cook, Director, Lonsdale

I have used Lonsdale Wealth Management more since I semi retired and started my own business. My relationship with my adviser has been of immense benefit to me and I have no hesitation in recommending Lonsdale to others.

Mr F from Hertfordshire
(ISA Investment Planning)

Client Fees & Charges

Fees incurred for our professional financial advice will depend on the financial advice and service you require and the nature of the relationship you have with us.

Lonsdale Benefit Consultants & Lonsdale Pension Trustees

To provide a company employee benefit solution or work as an independent trustee we will agree a fixed fee on a case by case basis dependent on the work required. We will always provide you with a full explanation of our fees before we do any work for you.

Lonsdale Wealth Management

We will agree a fixed fee on a case by case basis dependent on the work required. We will provide you with a full explanation of our advice fees before we implement any aspect of your plan. For a detailed breakdown of how Lonsdale Wealth Management charge for financial planning, please refer to p.7-13 of our Client Agreement below.

We generally charge for our financial advice and services on the following basis:

  • Your first meeting at our office is at our cost and with no obligation on your part
  • A fixed fee is agreed based on the extent and complexity of the work required to conduct research and prepare an outline financial planning report
  • For product selection and implementation the charge would typically be based on the sum invested and would depend on the nature of your agreed personal financial plan
  • When your financial plan is in place a fee would be agreed for ongoing progress reviews, allowing us to work with you to implement changes to your plan

pdfLonsdale Client Services Brochure

pdfLonsdale Client Agreement Document

About Us

We operate as an Independent Financial Adviser offering a completely new and holistic approach to financial advice and financial planning for you and your family, your company and trustees.