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Simon Hawker Managing Director, Lonsdale
and Richard Porter, Director, Lonsdale

We have worked with Lonsdale Services over the years and find the help and assistance from them to be second to none.

Claire Banks, Clegg Gifford & Co Limited, Essex

Trustee Training

The 2004 Pensions Act requires pension trustees to have general knowledge and understanding (TKU) of the law relating to pensions and trusts so they can use this knowledge to understand how their own company pension scheme works and contribute effectively as a pension trustee.

It is often daunting becoming a trustee given the regulatory responsibilities. Our benefit consultants have worked as independent pension trustees for many companies, so they understand the knowledge and understanding your trustees must acquire to be effective trustees. They also understand pension law and can advise how any changing pension legislation will affect your trustee training requirements.

Allow us to work with your trustees and assess their knowledge and understanding to develop an appropriate training programme. Our benefit consultants can train new trustees who have no prior pension knowledge or provide annual refresher training for more experienced trustees. We offer individual trustee training or group training sessions that can be arranged at your offices.

I have set up employee benefit schemes for a variety of companies. Every employee benefit solution is unique because all companies have different requirements. Once the plan is set up it is really satisfying to work with the company and regularly visit them to see how the workforce benefits from the scheme.”

Richard Porter, Director, Lonsdale Benefit Consultants

Employer Checklist

  • How knowledgeable are your company trustees?
  • Do the trustees require annual refresher training?
  • Do you have new pension trustees that require specific trustee training?
  • Are the trustees aware how recent pension legislation affects your company pension?

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An effective employee benefits solution helps your company retain key staff by providing the benefits they expect: life cover, income protection and private medical insurance. Offering a company pension enables employees to save tax efficiently for retirement.

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