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When your benefit solution is set up it must be effectively communicated with your staff. Our benefit consultants can discuss Workplace Pensions, Investment Planning advice, Business Protection Planning and Health & Risk Benefits, so your employees understand your benefit solution and how it will be managed going forward.

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Ongoing Training
For Employees

Our benefit consultants train staff members about their company workplace pension schemes and protection planning. We talk to individuals with no prior financial knowledge to more financially experienced staff. We can conduct group training sessions based on ability or individual sessions. We often organise refresher training for new members of staff or one-off training sessions when new services are introduced, for example workplace pensions. All training can be conducted at your company offices.

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How We
Provide Benefit

Your needs are our priority and must be incorporated into your overall benefit solution. We know from our experience of working with a variety of organisations in many commercial sectors that every employer has unique requirements, and to deliver the most appropriate plan will require us to meet management and sometimes liaise with different departments. Call 01727 845500 to organise an initial consultation.

I have set up employee benefit schemes for a variety of companies. Every employee benefit solution is unique because all companies have different requirements. Once the plan is set up it is really satisfying to work with the company and regularly visit them to train their employees and see how the workforce benefits from the scheme.”

Richard Porter, Director, Lonsdale Benefit Consultants

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