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We review your income and expenditure, assess assets, and pension schemes, to create a personalised cash-flow model so you know when you can afford to start taking your retirement income. We review your income drawdown options including flexi-access drawdown, annuities, and short-term annuities, and assess whether your pension providers offer full drawdown flexibility.

In Retirement

Undergo a pension review, so you are confident your pension schemes offer good value, full flexibility and provide enough retirement income. Our advisers can answer the following questions. Are your pension scheme charges competitive? Does your scheme offer flexi-access drawdown? How broad is the investment fund choice?


We encourage you to save tax-efficiently so your investments can supplement your pension in retirement. Our advisers review your income and expenditure, assess your savings, investments and pensions, and create a personalised cash-flow model.

Retirement Advice Case Study

Planning for potential care costs in later life

Jenny - 68 years old retired marketing manager.
Defined benefit pension scheme £23,000 per annum
Recently widowed and no dependents.
£300,000 life assurance lump sum from husband.
No mortgage on her home.
Cash savings valued at £38,000.

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Our experienced retirement advisers deliver high quality independent financial advice now and throughout your life from accessible local offices. As we are not biased towards any provider, our cost-effective pension advice puts your financial interests first. We offer holistic financial advice based on our core values of integrity, reliability, and value for money.

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