Offering Your Employees Retirement Advice

Making your employees redundant is stressful, especially if your employees have long standing company service, so you will want to provide redundancy advice. Lonsdale Benefit Consultants offer a financial redundancy counselling service to complement the other redundancy and retirement services you provide, so your employees leave work and can manage their future finances.

Redundancy Decisions

If you make employees redundant there are often several key financial decisions that must be addressed immediately. If your employees are entitled to a redundancy payment, they may require advice on how to invest any lump sum to provide a future income. If employees are members of your company pension scheme, they should understand their pension options and may want to access their pension entitlement early. Contact us on 01727 845500 to find out more.

Maximising Retirement

Lonsdale Benefit Consultants offer a flexible redundancy advice service that can be tailored to the needs of the individual employees who are leaving your company. Our benefit consultants can meet individual employees or provide group pension advice sessions at your offices.

Employer Consultation Information
Employer Checklist
  • How much redundancy payment are you entitled to?
  • How much future income will your redundancy payment provide?
  • How much risk are you prepared to take if you invest your redundancy payment?
  • What level of future income do you require?
  • What other assets do you have?
  • Do you want or are you able to retire early?
  • Do you aim to get back to work?

I have set up employee benefit schemes for a variety of companies. Every employee benefit solution is unique because all companies have different requirements. Once the plan is set up it is really satisfying to work with the company and regularly visit them to see how the workforce benefits from the scheme.”

Richard Porter, Director, Lonsdale Benefit Consultants

Need Redundancy Counselling advice?

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Richard Porter Financial Adviser