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What is Protection Planning?

Protection policies protect you and your family against financial difficulties, such as early death, critical illness, accidents, or loss of income. One of the biggest assets is your future earning potential, yet many people fail to protect it.


Life insurance pays out a chosen lump sum, to your dependents in the event of death within the chosen policy term. There are different types of life insurance including Level Term Assurance, Decreasing Term Assurance and Family Income Benefit.

Critical Illness Cover

This insurance pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness or disability. It normally covers serious or long-term conditions and cover lasts for a certain period. It can be added to a life assurance policy or purchased as a standalone policy.


This protection pays out a percentage of your salary if you are unable to work due to illness or disability, usually after a period of three to six months. Payments stop when you return to work or when the policy ends.

Private Medical Insurance

Private health insurance will cover the cost of private healthcare. You will pay monthly, or annual premiums and your provider will pay for your private medical treatment.

Business Protection Insurance

Our independent financial advisers offer financial advice to business owners, shareholders, and their professional connections to protect their business. We work with you to assess your firm’s requirements and arrange suitable business protection insurance.

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