Employee Protection

Offering your employees excellent health and wellbeing benefits should improve staff morale and reduce absenteeism. Your workforce should remain healthy, and your employees will appreciate the benefits provided. Our benefit consultants recommend setting up employee protection policies alongside your workplace pension scheme.

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Health & Risk Benefits Advice

By reflecting on the needs of your company and your employee requirements we can put in place a suitable company health & risks package. Our benefit consultants have experience of setting up personalised health & risk benefit packages. We will use the knowledge we have acquired to set up the most suitable protection plan for your company.

How We
Set up a Company Protection Plan

Our benefit consultants will review your current private healthcare arrangements and consider the life assurance and income protection requirements of your workforce. Using our specialist knowledge of the health and risk market we can negotiate with providers to offer you the most cost-effective benefit solution for your company. Contact us on 01727 845500 for protection planning advice.

Employer Checklist
  • How important is your income to you?
  • Do you already have any life assurance or income protection?
  • How quickly could you get another job if you were made redundant?
  • Do you have any debts that need to be paid off?
  • What provision do you have if you had an accident or fell seriously ill?
  • Do you have dependents?
  • Is there adequate provision for you in the event of premature death?

I have set up employee benefit schemes for a variety of companies. Every employee benefit solution is unique because all companies have different requirements. Once the plan is set up it is really satisfying to work with the company and regularly visit them to see how the workforce benefits from the scheme.”

Richard Porter, Director, Lonsdale Benefit Consultants

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Richard Porter Financial Adviser