Aaron Abraham, IFA, Harpenden - Introducing the Beginners Guide to Investment

Thursday 27 September, 2018

We often get clients referred to us who are new to investing. They may save into a company pension or a self-invested personal pension that invests in equities and bonds, but they may not have invested any other savings in any products other than cash.

When we meet new clients our primary focus is to educate them about the products available to them through financial planning.  Our financial consultants are qualified to give investment advice which includes explaining how you can use these different financial instruments in your financial planning.

Aaron Abraham, independent financial adviser Harpenden and central London said:

‘We value the long-term partnerships we establish with our clients, and the importance we place on working with them to achieve their financial goals.  We will always make sure that our clients understand all the different financial products on offer and we will use a different range of products depending on their risk profile. Having the ‘Beginners Guide to Investment’ will be helpful as our clients can read up about investment products and the available options in their own time. We will be using it for clients who are new to investing and we think it will be useful to any millennials doing financial planning.’

The Beginners Guide to Investment considers the basic investment questions including:

What are investments?
What is a portfolio?
What choice of asset classes are available?

The Guide reviews the four main types of asset classes – property, cash, fixed interest and shares and gives examples of different ways you can invest in each.  It also explains the difference between active and passive investing.  We explain key investment terms that often confuse clients, for example, volatility, diversified portfolio and investment risk.

 Aaron Abraham, independent financial adviser Harpenden and central London continued: 

‘The new Beginners Guide to Investment will support clients new to investing with their decision making.  A key part of the new guide is for clients to understand how a financial adviser will explain your different investment choices and work with you to establish your ‘risk and reward’ profile so we can recommend investments that you will be comfortable with.’

A Beginner's Guide To Investing

A Beginner's Guide To Investing

Aaron Abraham, independent financial adviser and member of the Harpenden financial planning team

Aaron Abraham, independent financial adviser and member of the Harpenden financial planning team

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