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Lonsdale Services deliver excellent client satisfaction

Thursday 30 September, 2021

During the past eleven years we have received the client satisfaction views of over 1263 clients, and 100%* of them were happy to recommend the services of their Lonsdale Wealth Management independent financial adviser. 

Why client feedback is important

Client feedback is important to us so we can improve the independent financial planning advice clients receive from their local independent Lonsdale Wealth Management financial advisers working in St Albans, Barnet, Chippenham, Harpenden, Leeds/Bradford, Ringwood, Stafford, and Ware

How we ask clients for feedback

After an annual planning review our financial advisers will ask clients a range of questions to provide feedback on the services we provide.   

These questionnaire results summarise the views of 1263 clients who completed all or part of our client questionnaire between January 2010 and 30th June 2021. We omit the views of any clients who were sent a survey but did not respond to it.

We asked our clients: 

‘Based on the level of service I have received from my adviser; I am happy to recommend him/her in the future to someone I know’ 

The results show that 81% of clients strongly agreed, 19% agreed and less than 1% disagreed. 

I believe that my adviser listens and is fully aware of my financial needs/objectives before making any recommendation(s)

The results show that 84% of clients strongly agreed, 16% agreed and less than 1% disagreed. 

My adviser always provides me with information and/or documentation in order that I can make a fully informed decision

The results show that 77% of clients strongly agreed, 23% agreed and less than 1% disagreed. 

I understand what I am being charged for, in relation to ‘advice’ and/or ‘service’ being offered by Lonsdale Wealth Management

The results show that 65% of clients strongly agreed, 35% agreed and less than 1% disagreed. 

Steve Cook, Director at Lonsdale Services and member of the St Albans financial planning team, said:

‘We’re delighted at our positive client satisfaction figures over this ten-year period, it demonstrates that our clients appreciate our core values of integrity, reliability and offering value.  Thank you to all our clients who maintain long-term relationships with their local independent financial adviser and complete the questionnaire or provide google reviews for us.  Client satisfaction is important to us, and we discuss the satisfaction returns at our bi-monthly consultant meeting, so we continue to improve our financial planning service.  We are delighted that our client service was recognised this year when Lonsdale Services won the Best Adviser firm for Vulnerable Client Care at the 2021 National Professional Adviser Awards.  We value all our clients and work with them to provide the best personalised financial advice for their circumstances.  In 2018 we also won the Retirement Planner (RPA) Award for Best Individual Pension Advice firm in the Southeast and Anglia, and in 2017 the RPA Outstanding Customer Care award.  It is never too late to take financial advice and at some points in your life, for example as you approach retirement or start taking a pension it is particularly important to take financial advice, so you achieve your financial goals.   If you want independent financial advice, please complete our booking consultation form and your local independent financial adviser will contact you for an initial no obligation consultation.   Our complete client satisfaction information is available to view in the Our Clients section of the Lonsdale Services website.’  

*less than 1% disagreed.

In Summary...

If you need financial advice, choose a local financial planning company with an excellent client service record.  Call us now on 01727 845500 for an initial financial planning consultation.

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