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Ray McHugh, IFA Barnet recommends clients set up a financial plan

Tuesday 1 October, 2019

Financial Passport available to all Lonsdale Wealth Management clients

Lonsdale Wealth Management has recently produced a financial passport which is available to all Lonsdale clients.  This document is available for you to complete and details where all your financial information and personal details can be found. The financial passport will help your family and friends know what to do and where your assets are kept if anything happens to you.  

The financial passport includes information on the following:

personal & professional advisers, 
home services, 
wills and lasting power of attorney, 
property assets, 
bank and building society accounts, 
contracts – loans/insurance, 
location of valuables, 

Ray McHugh, Lonsdale wealth management independent financial adviser (IFA) Barnet, North London said:

‘We produced the Lonsdale Financial Passport because it helps those closest to you deal with your estate if anything happens to you.  Clients were finding it more difficult to keep a record of all their financial information because of the various passwords and access codes required to view financial information online. Although the financial passport is quite time consuming to complete it will enable your next of kin to more easily deal with your financial affairs if necessary.  Just ask your Lonsdale Wealth Management financial adviser to print off a financial passport when you next meet for a financial planning review.  We recommend you complete the financial passport with a trusted family member as we can’t complete it for you because your personal information shouldn’t be shared with your financial adviser.Just remember that wherever you store your financial passport let a family member know where it is as they may need to access it.’

Ray McHugh, Lonsdale financial consultant Barnet, Hertfordshire and member of the North London financial planning team continued: 

We recommend clients file a copy of their financial passport with their solicitor alongside a current will and lasting power of attorney.  If you haven’t got these documents set up, we recommend you meet with your solicitor and complete them as soon as possible. We often find clients are reassured once they complete the financial passport and set up a will and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).  For more information you could also read: Allan Ross, financial adviser Ware – Why set up a will and lasting power of attorney.’



Ray McHugh - Lonsdale Wealth Management independent financial adviser

Ray McHugh - Lonsdale Wealth Management independent financial adviser

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