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Pension Trustees Advisers Simon and Richard

Simon Hawker and Richard Porter

head up our Pension Trustees Team

My personal satisfaction comes from helping my clients to plan for and achieve their financial goals. My role is to ensure clients are prepared for good events but also more unfortunate situations. Risk is everything and I need to know that I have not knowingly jeopardised my client’s future.

Simon Hawker, Managing Director, Lonsdale

Pension Trustees

Lonsdale Pension Trustees Limited

The company was formed in 2003 to offer pension management services for a range of corporate clients across the United Kingdom.

Lonsdale Pension Trustees Limited is a professional pension trustee, and independent of the companies whose pensions they administer. The benefit consultants and administration team has experience of setting up Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS) and larger occupational schemes. The team also deals with ongoing pension administration.

The company role is to ensure all the pension schemes they administer are run in accordance with their Trust Deed and Rules to protect and pay members the pensions and other benefits they have accrued.

Independent Pension Trustees

By employing an independent Lonsdale Pension Trustee your company pension scheme will benefit from a knowledgeable and experienced pension trustee who has worked on different types of pension schemes and can provide appropriate advice for your pension board.

Our independent pension trustees will advise your trustees on current pension legislation and interpret how these regulations will affect your company pension scheme. Our trustees are independent of the companies that employ them, so they provide a neutral presence on any trustee board enabling them to consider the interests of all stakeholders.

Pension Trustees


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