Lonsdale Services voted in Top 100 financial advisers in the UK

Lonsdale Services voted in Top 100 financial advisers in the UK

Simon Hawker, IFA - Lonsdale Services voted in Top 100 Financial Advisers in UK

Monday 7 November, 2022

In October 2022 the Financial Times issued its annual Top 100 Financial Advisers, and Lonsdale Services was voted in the Top 100 financial advisers for the period July 2021-June 2022.   

Why is the FT Adviser list important?

According to the FT Adviser 

Each year, this list purports to showcase the very best in regulated financial advisory practices across the UK, representing the breadth, depth and height of excellence that advisers across the country show every day.

How does the FT Adviser decide which firms make the Top 100?

According to the FT Adviser their Top 100 list is intended to find firms, ‘trying to do the right things by their clients no matter what external shocks might hit the UK.’

The FT Adviser use Financial Clarity data provided from ISS Market Intelligence to produce the list.  They start with a longer list of 150 companies, with gross sales of over £175 million in the year July 2021-June 2022.  Then each firm is scored on six criteria which includes: how long the company has been operating and their retention scores.  Each year they amend the metrics they use to make sure a mix of different sized firms are represented in the Top 100 list.  

Simon Hawker, Managing Director of Lonsdale Services, St Albans, Hertfordshire said: 

‘We are delighted to feature in the FT Adviser Top 100 list for the financial planning service we offer.  The list is not just based on retail sales but many other criteria important to clients.  It is recognition of how our Lonsdale Wealth Management independent financial advisers offer cost-effective investment advice based on Lonsdale Service’s core values of reliability, integrity, and value for money.  Our financial planning advice process always puts our client’s interests first, and we make it our priority to proactively engage with clients and focus on our client service.  This has been particularly important during the last few years with increasing market volatility. The Our Clients section on our website shows how satisfied our clients are with our service provision.’ 

Simon Hawker, Managing Director of Lonsdale Services, St Albans, Hertfordshire continued:

‘In 2021 Lonsdale Services won the national Professional Adviser Award, for Best Adviser Firm for Vulnerable Client Care, recognising the work we do to prioritise our vulnerable clients.  Lonsdale Services also won the National Retirement Planner (RPA) Award for Best Individual Pension Advice firm in the Southeast and Anglia, and the national RPA Outstanding Customer Care award in 2017.  If you are looking for local independent financial planning advice, contact our offices in St Albans, Harpenden, Ware, Ringwood, Stafford, Wimbledon, Chippenham, Barnet, Leeds / Bradford.’

Please note: The value of investments and the income derived from them can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.

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